Hope Advocate Helps Promote Pediatric Cancer Research - Aki Smith and June Sweat
Aki Smith & June Sweat at AACR 2022

Hope Advocate Helps Promote Pediatric Cancer Research!

We recently went to New Orleans, Louisiana for the American Association for Cancer Research.

And attending the AACR Annual Meeting always seems to bring about something positive.  This year didn’t disappoint.

Because Hope For Stomach Cancer patient advocate, June Sweat was interviewed for an article on pediatric and adolescent cancers.

Specifically, June was helping to highlight the need for more research on these cancers.  Because June lost her daughter, Jewell, to stomach cancer in 2020.

And she’s a passionate patient advocate.  So, June’s using her platform to encourage more research and drug development for pediatric and adolescent cancers.

The article was covered in the AACR’s publication, Cancer Today.  ‘The Impact of the RACE for Children ACT’ is the name of the article.  And you can read it along with June’s comments now.

Thank you, June, for all you do to support Hope for Stomach Cancer, patients, and their families.  We appreciate you!