Social Media

Stomach Cancer Social Media

Stomach Cancer Social Media also can be referred to as gastric cancer social media.

And Hope For Stomach Cancer, the leading gastric cancer patient advocacy organization in the United States, is always looking for help.

So whether you’re a guru ‘influencer’ or just starting out with social media and consider yourself a newbie.  Either way, we can put your efforts to great use in the fight against stomach cancer.

Perhaps you have an idea to execute on social media.  Or you’d like to help share your expertise.  We need your help.

Plus, one of the biggest areas we always are in need of help with is online fundraising.  And there are many ways you can help with that.

So please help us fight gastric cancer with our stomach cancer social media channels.  

To start just send use an email at: hope [at] StoCAN [dot] org.

Or, connect with us on social media!