Survivorship Guidelines

Stomach Cancer Survivorship Guidelines

Stomach Cancer Survivorship Guidelines include best practice protocols for living gastric cancer patients to live their best lives after the disease.  

To be clear what works best for one patient may differ for others.  But Hope For Stomach Cancer has contributed to and or supports each of the following references.

And we encourage you to review the resources and documentation from each of the below references.  Also, be sure to download, save and refer to these guidelines throughout your survivorship journey.

Treatment & Survivorship Care Plan

The Treatment & Survivorship Care Plan for Gastrointestinal Cancers is created by GI Cancers Alliance.  And Hope For Stomach Cancer is a founding member organization of the alliance.

Click or tap the below purple button to be taken directly to a PDF document of the plan.  From there you can download, review and save the reference.  Within this resource, you will find guidance on important information to record and maintain as your survivorship journey progresses.

American Institute For Cancer Research

Within the American Institute For Cancer Research’s website is valuable details covering stomach cancer survivorship guidelines.

Although the organization provides information covering many different types of cancers.  We have found its’ guidance to be a beneficial voice to gastric cancer patients.

National Coalition For Cancer Survivorship

In addition to the above resources, the National Coalition For Cancer Survivorship offers a useful toolset.

Specifically, it has a checklist that we find to be particularly helpful.  Because it provides customized suggestions for stomach cancer survivorship guidelines. 

And that includes the identification of patients’ age, cancer type, and treatment stage.