Research Advocate

Stomach Cancer Research Advocate

As a Stomach Cancer Research Advocate, you can play a critical role in the gastric cancer ecosystem.

Because sometimes you’ll be called on to go to Washington, D.C., and participate in programs where you’re voice is heard by lawmakers. 

So you would have the ability to directly influence public policy.  Therefore the role of the stomach cancer research advocate doesn’t get much more important.

Although, it’s a role that’s definitely not the right fit for everyone.  As it comes along with countless hours of research.  Specifically, reading and digesting data and reports.  

Due to the immense amount of work involved, this volunteer position must be a labor of love.  Or at least you must have a great deal of passion for it.  Because it’s difficult.  Additionally, you will seldom receive credit for your work.  

And that’s on account of your opinion, when sharing with public policymakers, needs to remain anonymous. 

So, you’re not often able to identify yourself for your contributions.

Now, with all that in mind, if you’d still like to be a stomach cancer research advocate then we’d love to hear from you.

Please email us: hope [at] StoCAN [dot] org.