Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships That Help Fight Gastric Cancer

Corporate Partnerships are a key source of revenue that funds the Stomach Cancer Awareness Network (dba) Hope For Stomach Cancer.

And we’re always looking to add to our partnerships.  Ultimately those of us that work on Hope For Stomach Cancer don’t want to have to exist.

When our founder, Aki Smith, is asked where she would like to see the organization in fiver-years, her answer is simple.  “Out of business and no longer needed because stomach cancer has become a disease of the past.”

Until that day comes we’ll continue working tirelessly to eradicate stomach cancer and put ourselves out of work.

With your help we ‘Hope’ that day comes very soon.  But until then, please contact us via email to discuss your corporate partnership: hope [at] StoCAN [dot] org.

And Our Warmest Thanks To The Below Corporate Partners

Daiichi-Sankyo logo - Hope For Stomach Cancer Partner
Lilly Oncology logo - Hope For Stomach Cancer partner
Bristol Myers Squibb logo
Tahiho Oncology logo - Corporate Partners
Merck Pharma logo - Corporate Partners