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Stomach Cancer Support Groups

When it comes to Stomach Cancer Support Groups we have a number of different options for you.

And support is available for both patients and caregivers.  Because you are not alone in your fight against stomach cancer.

Additionally, Hope For Stomach Cancer has two different groups for you to participate in.  

We suggest trying both to discover which works best for you.  Perhaps you’ll find both are equally helpful.

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Stage IV Support - Virtual Meetings

Hope For Stomach Cancer and the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation has organized monthly support meetings.

These are never recorded and are specifically for Stage IV patients and caregivers facing Esophageal, GE Junction, or Stomach (Gastric) cancers. 

They take place through Zoom.  And they are moderated by Bart Frazzitta.  He is the Founder of Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation and a 22-year esophageal cancer survivor.

Each meeting includes GI oncologists.   The meetings are free, but registration is required.

*Please note that you must register for each meeting separately.

 Stage 4 Support Group for those facing Esophageal, GEJ, and Stomach Cancer with 2 GI Oncologists

Stomach Cancer Support Group with Surgeons - Virtual Meeting

Designed for patients and caregivers who have been diagnosed with stomach cancer or GEJ and; either had a total or partial gastrectomy or have surgery as an option, these monthly meetings are a unique opportunity to hear about the latest treatments, discuss new ideas, and support each other through a trying time.

These meetings are never recorded.

They take place through Zoom. Each meeting includes a GI oncologist as moderator and Guest surgeons.   The meetings are free, but registration is required.

*Please note that you must register for each meeting separately.


Stomach Cancer Support Group: A Multidisciplinary Educational Resource for Patients and Caregivers

With stomach cancer surgeons

Hope's Official Facebook Group

We created a Facebook group called Stomach Cancer Support for patients, caregivers, and loved ones.

And it is a closed, private group for those facing stomach cancer currently.  But it’s also for those that have faced it in the past.

In the group, you can share experiences in a safe environment.  Plus you can ask questions, collaborate on meaningful programs, and so much more.

We highly encourage you to join our Facebook Group HERE.

Stomach Cancer Sisters

Stomach Cancer Sisters is a group that’s specifically for young women battling stomach cancer.  The founders, Aby and Lexy, 29, have since passed away but their legacy lives in this FB Group- Stomach Cancers Sisters.

Check out there Mental Health and Wellness Program.

Smart Patients Stomach Cancer Group

Hope For Stomach Cancer partners with Smart Patients Support Group to provide help for both caregivers and patients alike.  Tap or click HERE to be taken to our portal on their website.

And there you can learn more about the support you can expect as well as join now.