Mental Health & Wellness For Women

Wellness For Women Fighting Cancer

Hope is always looking for ways to connect with and improve the lives of stomach cancer patients.  And Mental Health And Wellness For Women achieve both of those goals.

So, a private group that formed on social media called the Stomach Cancer Sisters, Abigail Mejia and Lexy Elmaksoud Patton, both 28-years old at diagnosis shared this program with us to share with you.

First, the Stomach Cancer Sisters formed out of the common bonds of gastric cancer and being young women in their 20s.  Additionally, in their quest to support one another they developed and implemented a virtual program.

It’s focused on three primary pillars of emotional, mental, and physical health for women of all ages battling cancer.

Healing With Hannah

The Stomach Cancer Sisters partnered with Hanna Stinson, and Hope For Stomach Cancer to provide a two sets of 10-week virtual program.  And you can sample some of the sessions below.  

Please note that all sessions have been recorded.  And you can access them by registering.


2022 SESSIONS 1 -10:

 Session 1: Core Yoga – Recording:

 Session 2: Mental Health & Self-Care Workshop – Recording:

 Session 3: Bedtime Yoga – Recording:

 Session 4: Embracing Self-Love Workshop –Recording:

 Session 5: Full Moon Yoga – Recording:

 Session 6: Therapeutic Art Workshop – Recording:

 Session 7: Yoga Nidra – Recording:

 Session 8: Coping with Stress Workshop – Recording:

 Session 9: Happy Hips Yoga- Recording:

 Session 10: Coping with Anger Workshop- Recording:

Session 11: Yoga for Abundance- Recording

Session 12: Virgo New Moon Workshop

  • Date & time: Thursday, August 25, 4-5:30pm PST / 7-8:30pm EST
  • Description: This Virgo New Moon is the time for us to lay down our intentions around self-care, organization and service. This is the time to identify new healthy habits and improvements that you would like to implement. Meaning, get clear on the details of your life – what you eat, the content you consume, your schedule, your time off, the organization of your office, your exercise routine, etc. The cosmic energy that is in the air is all about embodiment, self-care and visualization.

During our time together, we will create a vision on how we want our average day to feel. This Virgo New Moon Workshop is all about embodiment, self-care and visualization.

PAST 2021 SESSIONS 1 -10: