Treatment Comfort

Understanding Stomach Cancer Treatment Comfort

Stomach Cancer Treatment Comfort is an important part of any patient’s care.

Because a patient’s comfort and overall well-being enhance their ability to fight their disease.

And this is commonly referred to as palliative care.  Palliate, meaning to lessen or relieve without curing.

So types of stomach cancer treatment comfort might include anxiety or pain medications, different types of therapies, or more.  

It’s whatever the patient needs to achieve maintain physical and emotional comfort.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

This guidance is best addressed by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

Also known as the NCCN, the organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity based in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.  And it is an alliance of 31 leading cancer centers nationwide.

Overall, the organization sources its information for treatment comfort guidelines from health care providers around the world.

Hope recommends patients and caregivers review the following two NCCN guidelines to help with stomach cancer treatment comfort:

Click either of the above links to be taken to the guidelines.  And from there you can download and or save and print your own copy.

Additionally, Hope For Stomach Cancer supports NCCN’s Stomach Cancer Treatment Guidelines.