Data Sharing

Stomach Cancer Data Sharing

Stomach Cancer Data Sharing refers to distributing information.  Specifically information about your gastric/stomach cancer tumor.

While this is a simple concept and easy to execute it’s not done often enough. And we highly encourage patient participation.  

Why Share Data?

Overall, The goal of sharing stomach cancer data is to advance treatment options for patients.  

That includes advancing medicines, accelerating future therapies and discovering new ways to fight gastric and stomach cancer.

Who Receives And What Happens To My Data?

When you share your gastric and stomach cancer data it is received by scientists and doctors.  

And, it is included in a nationwide initiative to advance the fight again stomach cancer.

Plus, Hope For Stomach Cancer is an advocacy partner of the program.

How To Participate In Stomach Cancer Data Sharing

Participating is easy.  

To share your stomach cancer data go to the Count Me In page of the Esophageal And Stomach Cancer Project by clicking the button below.

Add your information and you’ll be contacted with next-step options.