Come be part of Team Hope. Together we make the changes needed for stomach cancer awareness, prevention, treatment, research, and life after cancer. Being part of the team is whatever you can do. Share your story... Start a campaign... Be an inspiration... Organize a fundraiser... Be a virtual leader... Mention us in social media... the sky's the limit on the power of your contribution!

Do you like to blog? Write a post, or two, on a weekly or monthly basis! Or maybe start small and just share your story. How has stomach cancer affected you?

What's your expertise? Graphic design, brochure making, tee-shirt design, writing press releases? Or are you in the medical field and want to help that way? Do you like researching? Even something like translating or proof-reading different languages could help so much!

Are you an idea person? Can you think of the next great campaign so we can be heard?

Join us and provide hope to those that need it most.