Dear Friends,

Facing stomach cancer is plenty difficult without also having to deal with a global pandemic.

So, I wanted to reach out with some Hope-ful observations as we get through COVID-19 together.

A Familiar Situation
For those of us fighting stomach cancer the feeling of heartbreak, devastation and fear that the COVID crisis touches upon isn’t entirely new territory.

When my dad received his late-stage stomach cancer diagnosis in 2013, he was given 6-months to live.  Everything was uncertain; our finances, our health, our future. So, I put everything on hold to advocate for him.

And, while he’s still with us today, his stomach cancer journey in survivorship will continue forever.

At the same time, we know our COVID pandemic will not last forever – it is temporary.

Redefining Possible
And, the war against COVID has forced what’s possible in healthcare to be completely redefined.

For instance:

  • Unprecedented speed to clinical trials.
  • Breakneck FDA approvals.
  • And telehealth usage.

What if new norm is expedited clinical trials and approvals?  And what if time-saving telehealth protocols were implemented?

More timely diagnosis and treatment options could help save countless lives!

After COVID, we must push these innovative pandemic fighting practices into our fight against stomach cancer.

But, that will not be easy.  And we’ll need all the help we can get.

Give Hope
I know times are hard right now.  But if you are able, then here are options to help:

  1. Volunteer: After COVID, we’ll be expanding the Hope for Stomach Cancer network. Here’s how you can volunteer to be a Community Engagement Leader.
  2. Donate: Contributions are always needed as we continue adapting and innovating on the ever-changing stomach cancer battleground.
  3. Share: Spread the word of Hope:
    1. Follow us on social media.
    2. Share Hope’s Facebook donation page.
    3. Start your own Hope Facebook donation page.

Finally, I’d like to thank the frontline responders and all the essential workers.  Your/their efforts are protecting us and keeping us safe at home.

Stay safe and Hopeful!