We would like to thank those that have helped us raise funding to support our mission. Your generosity truly makes a difference for those facing stomach cancer.

We’d like to shout out Thank You and recognize the following individuals who have raised money for us using Facebook Fundraiser.

Jason Tanner
John Holt
Jackie Sanchez
Tina Nesfeder
Pamela Swartz
Renee Turman
Harry Fuller Jr
Cholito Norat
Andrea Brown
Antonio J. Garcia
Leslie Nemec

Kaylie Morris
Tammy Vaughan
Ashley Croft
Alex Miranda-Zermeno
Desiree Leever
Jan Wilkinson
Alexis Soto
Dayna Murchison
Matt Jackowicz
Melinda Ann

Karla Marie Berry
Laura Atehortua
Kimberly Hudson
Terri Schill Dundar
Dustin Panayirci-Armstrong
Kelshmo Zatko
Phil Lele
Mo Williams
Rebecca Nicole
Rick Moreno

Thank you to our pharmaceutical friends for making these programs possible