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In Memory of Barbara McIlwain

A heartfelt letter to his mom, Barbara McIlwain, forever 53 years old. Written by  her son, Parker McIlwain, 22 years old Exactly one year ago today, my beautiful mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I remember it all so clearly. As if it happened yesterday. It was summertime and life was sweet. My parents had read more

Kavya Kumar

Kavya Kumar from London, UK Age 21 at diagnosis Follow this link to read her Blog: My Stomach Cancer Jo How were you diagnosed? Endoscopy What is your treatment? Clinical trial at UCLH What is your hope? Or what do you want to share with others? After many months of dismissing symptoms and living life […]

In Memory of Karen Oelschlaeger

Karen Oelschlaeger from Montpelier, Vermont I was 33 when I was first diagnosed, two days before my 34th birthday. I was 36 when I was diagnosed with Stage IV peritoneal metastasis and carcinomatosis earlier this year (2020). How were you diagnosed? I had stomach problems since fall of 2017. I repeatedly reported my symptoms to […]

Albert Carrasco Caregiver

In Memory of Branny, who passed away on September 16, 2019, at 37 years old.  She was an active volunteer for Hope For Stomach Cancer,  and even ran a 5k despite being so sick. Name: Albert Anthony Carrasco Caregiver to wife, Branny JoAnn Carrasco How old was Branny when she was diagnosed?  31 How was […]