The Precision Cancer Analysis Program (PCA)

Do you want a Precision Cancer Analysis so that you know your exact condition and what is driving your stomach cancer?

Do you want your own "Tumor Board" comprised of stomach cancer experts so that you can feel more confident with your treatment options?

We have entered into a relationship with Perthera, a full-service precision medicine company focused on helping patients in their fights against cancer, that gives you immediate access to Perthera’s services at no cost to you. You must have already been diagnosed with cancer and you must enter the program through the button below.

Perthera has become a globally recognized leader in developing the technology and processes to produce an extremely accurate understanding of a patient’s cancer. They work as a partner on your medical team, not only providing biological and statistical information about your cancer, but providing the insights of their own extensive staff of cancer professionals and a tumor board comprised of experts in your specific condition wherever in the world they may be.

Your first contact with Perthera will be with a patient coordinator, a specialist with advanced degrees, who will stay with you every step of your journey so that you can constantly be aware of any significant changes in technology or your own biological status.

Watch the Webinar

Speaker: Michael Pishvaian MD, PhD (Bio)

Date: September 20, 2016

The Potential for Identifying Personalized Therapies for Patients with Gastro-Esophageal Cancer

This webinar discussed precision medicine for patients facing stomach cancer