The Precision Cancer Analysis Program (PCA)

Do you want a Precision Cancer Analysis so that you know your exact condition and what is driving your stomach cancer?

Hope for Stomach Cancer and Tempus Partner to Support Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for Stomach Cancer Patients

Some patients treated with matched therapies selected through molecular profiling through NGS have been shown to have better outcomes. Hope for Stomach Cancer supports a patient’s ability to have NGS conducted on suitable tumor tissue.

Hope for Stomach Cancer offers information and resources related to precision medicine and has partnered with Tempus to enable its patients to be considered for NGS testing.


If you determine that NGS testing is medically necessary for your patient, and submit a completed requisition form, Tempus, a CAP/CLIA certified laboratory, will conduct a genomic profile of your patient’s tumor and provide you with a molecular profiling report containing information on somatic and germline mutations, tumor mutational burden (TMB), and microsatellite instability (MSI). The clinical report provides valuable insight to support your treatment decisions.

Options are personalized to your patient and may include:

  • Potential treatment options, such as drugs that may or may not be indicated given the tumor’s genomic attributes
  • Clinical trials that your patient may be eligible for, including molecularly targeted solid tumor trials
  • Off-label treatments that may be particularly effective for your patient’s specific tumor alterations

For Cancer Patients, Mutations Matter

Molecular profiling can open the door to additional, personalized treatment options for those with cancer.

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