Here is a guide to help you or your loved one get organized.

  1. Gain the basics of your diagnosis

    Ask your doctor many questions about diagnostics, treatment options, and survivorship. Prepare by writing your questions down ahead of time and taking notes while at the doctor’s office. Get referrals to see specialists. Make sure you have a clear understanding about your diagnosis so that you can understand and make informed decisions about your care.

  2. Ask for copies of all your records

    Store your records together and keep track of symptoms and dietary supplements. When seeing a new doctor or specialist, you want to be sure you keep them informed. Download the following forms to help keep you organized.

    1. Personal Information and Medical History Form

    2. Record of Medications Form

    3. ASCO Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan Form

  3. Get a second opinion

    Schedule an appointment with a doctor who specializes in stomach cancer.

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Need Extra Help Getting Organized?

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