In Memory of Jemiver Cabalagnan, who passed away three days after turning 32 years old.

Here is his story, as told by his surviving wife, Roxanne.

How was he diagnosed?

Suspected cancer after undergoing an endoscopy. Samples were taken from his stomach and were sent to the lab for biopsy. We learned about the final diagnosis on January 29, 2020 for gastric cancer.
What was his treatment?
My husband was given different medications to help with pain and bleeding. He also went for 5 radiation treatments.
What is your hope? Or what do you want to share with others?
My hope for everybody is don’t take your health for granted. Get yourself checked out annually. Gastric cancer is very hard to diagnose so we should do our part too, to take care of our own selves. Another thing is for the research to be more advanced when it comes to this type of cancer especially in the younger generation. That no matter the age of the patient is, the doctors should rule out every single diagnosis to save the patient and their families the time and to further improve the quality of care given to the patients. To all the people who is going through this, you can do it! Surrender yourselves to God and He will do the rest. God is the most powerful doctor we have. Don’t lose hope! NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!


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