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Today is #GivingTuesday- a Global Generosity Movement, and I am asking for your support in transforming the battle against stomach cancer (gastric cancer). Our vision is to bridge the gap between research and care – because only then will we be able to find a cure and end stomach cancer. For the last 7 years, read more

The Physical Cost of Being Cured of Stomach Cancer

Hello friends and family, I thought it’s time to update on my dad. I’ve been asking for good thoughts, positive energy and prayers sent my dad’s way but I’ve not been so forthcoming on what is going on. As most of you already know, my dad is considered clinically “cured” from advanced stomach cancer. However, […]

32-Year-Old Cancer Warrior Jason Diaz Shares His Story with Spectrum News

“Cancer can’t control my mind. It can control my body and some things are out of my hands, but I control my mind and I can control if I want to be happy or not.” This incredible Warrior, Jason Diaz, who is a part of the Hope for Stomach Cancer family shares his incredible story […]

Greater Awareness for Stomach Cancer Needed: Under 40 At Risk

Barcelona, Spain – Stomach cancer should no longer be considered a disease only of older people, and patients under 40 with chronic digestive symptoms should be more actively investigated – especially if they are of Latin American ethnicity. This advice follows new data from a retrospective, observational study in Mexico which showed that one in […]